Fair Labor Practices

Tailgate Tikes ensure our vendors and suppliers have the frameworks, policies, and procedures in place to ensure that workers’ rights are respected in the global supply chain. We're a registered member of the Fair Labor Association (FLA).

The FLA provides training and tools to build expertise in companies and drive innovation in business practices, ultimately improving working conditions and the lives of the workers who make the products you buy. For more information, please visit https://www.fairlabor.org/.

Critical to our focus on working conditions is the Tailgate Tikes LLC Code of Conduct, which defines and describes the standards that we have for us here at Tailgate Tikes and for our supply chain partners. The Tailgate Tikes LLC Code of Conduct is based on the FLA Code, International Labor Organization (ILO) standards and internationally recognized labor practices. We leverage these standards to evaluate working conditions and collaborate with factories and suppliers if improvements are required. 


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