Meet the Tailgate Tikes

Introducing the Tailgate Tikes Team. William, Tyson, Elise, Brendan and Essie. We're happy to meet you! Check us out on YouTube.


Meet Will, a spirited Tike whose heart belongs to the game of baseball. With a glove that's practically an extension of his hand and a smile that lights up the diamond, Will's passion for the sport is infectious. Whether he's practicing with his team, analyzing game stats, or dreaming of hitting a game-winning homer, his love for baseball knows no bounds. He loves hitting dingers!


Meet Tyson, a Tike with an insatiable love for football. From dawn till dusk, Tyson can be found honing his skills on the field, mastering the perfect throw, and emulating his favorite players' moves. With a heart full of determination and a mind brimming with football strategies, Tyson's passion for the game fuels his dreams of one day becoming a star quarterback.


Meet Elise, a Tike whose heart beats to the rhythm of a bouncing tennis ball. With a racquet as an extension of her arm and a competitive fire in her eyes, Elise’s devotion to the sport is unmistakable. Whether she's serving aces on the court, analyzing professional matches, or tirelessly working on her backhand, Elise’s love for tennis propels her towards a future where she hopes to conquer the Grand Slam stage.


Introducing Brendan, a Tike with an unwavering passion for basketball. From sunrise to sunset, Brendan can be found perfecting his shots, practicing his crossovers, and immersing himself in the world of hoops. With his eyes set on the court and dreams of slam dunks, Brendan’s love for basketball is the driving force behind his determination and boundless energy.


Meet Essie a dynamo whose world revolves around soccer. With her trusty soccer ball always by her side and a perpetual eagerness to score goals, Essie's enthusiasm for the sport is boundless. Whether she's dribbling through makeshift obstacles in the backyard or cheering for her favorite futbol team, Essie's love for soccer shines brightly in every aspect of her life.